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    • BR 497 - Conventions for calculating linear thermal transmittance and temperature factors (Second Edition, 2016)

    This BRE guide (BR 497) gives the information needed to carry out these calculations so that different users of the same software package and users of different software packages can obtain consistent results. However, before using the conventions given in BR 497 it is important for the numerical modeller to demonstrate that the numerical modelling software used can model the validation examples in BS EN ISO 10211:2007 with results that agree with the stated values of temperature and heat flow within the tolerance indicated in the standard for each appropriate validation example.

    BR 497 has been prepared to complement the outline methodology for the treatment of thermal bridges given in BRE Information Paper IP 1/06. It can be used by assessors who wish to undertake numerical modelling calculations to determine the thermal performance of junctions. It is referenced in the relevant government policy documents operating in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


    •  BR 443 - Conventions for U-value calculations (2006 edition)

    Calculation methods for the determination of U-values of building elements are based on standards that were developed in the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and published as British Standards.

    These methods are appropriate for demonstrating compliance with building regulations for the conservation for fuel and power, namely Part L of the Building Regulations for England & Wales, Section 6 of the Building (Scotland) Regulations, and Part F of the Building Regulations (Northern Ireland). Where compliance is expressed in terms of whole-building performance, such as CO2 emissions, U-values obtained by the methods referred to in this document should be used for the relevant calculations by the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for dwellings or by the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) for other buildings.

     This publication provides guidance on the use of the calculation methods by:

    • Indicating the method or methods of calculation that are appropriate for different construction elements;
    • Providing additional information about using the methods;
    • Providing data relevant to typical UK constructions.


    •  Reducing thermal bridging at junctions when designing and installing solid wall insulation (2013) 

    This guide sets out clear principles and methods that should be considered and adopted during the design and installation of solid wall insulation in order to reduce thermal bridging effects, maximise carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reductions and minimise the risk of condensation.




    • New BRE Global certification scheme for the thermal performance of details and products is launched...


    • First company gets listed under new BRE Global thermal details and products certification scheme...


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