• Certified Thermal Details and Products scheme

    Certified Thermal Details and Products scheme

    Independently assessed and certified by BRE Global

    Detail number: 600063
    Scheme type: Certified Thermal Details and Products scheme
    Product name: Farrat TBK thermal break
    Developer product reference: Farrat TBK (15mm)
    Product description: Farrat TBK (15mm) - Balcony: Steel to steel connection (small beam scenario) at 1500mm spacing
    Junction type: Balcony
    Junction sub type: Between dwellings
    External wall type: Cavity wall
    Wall U-value (W/m2K): 0.18
    BRE Certified Ψ-value (W/mK): 0.345
    BRE Certified Temperature factor (ƒ): 0.91
    SAP reference: E23
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    Developer name: Farrat Isolevel Ltd
    Address 1: Balmoral Road
    Town: Altrincham
    County: Cheshire
    Postcode: WA15 8HJ
    Country: UK
    Web address: http://www.farrat.com/products/structural-thermal-break-connections
    E-mail: thermal@farrat.com


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