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    Internal Walls

    Internal wall ratings are the same for the following building types:
    Domestic, Commercial, Health

    Functional unit for internal walls:
    General domestic and non domestic construction:
    1m² of internal wall or partitioning, to satisfy Building Regulations, and to include any repair, refurbishment or replacement over a 60 year study period.


    The majority of office developments are now open plan and this reduced use of internal walls and partitions within the typical building is reflected in the significance of internal wall specifications in terms of the overall environmental impact of buildings.

    The functional unit has been left intentionally undefined. Internal walls and partitioning may be transparent, translucent or opaque, may achieve particular fire resistance or compartmentation standards.

    A wide range of internal partitioning systems have been compared in this section, and so specifications have been arranged according to whether they were framed, masonry and proprietary types of partition, simply to enable specifiers to locate the required specification more easily. All ratings were derived through comparison with the entire range of internal wall and partitioning systems shown.

    The exception to this rule are education buildings where a functional unit based on a minimum acoustic performance for classrooms has been used.

    In low rise construction, these ratings apply to all internal walls except separating walls between dwellings. For any building 4 storeys or more, only non-loadbearing walls need to be assessed.

    BREEAM 2008 Schemes to which this element applies:
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