Domestic Annual Heat Pump System Efficiency (DAHPSE) - Estimator - BETA

Dwelling heat loss

A dwelling's design heat loss is calculated using the average temperature of the coldest day of the year. For the purposes of this website, this is taken as a location with weather conditions that are typical for the UK (City of Leeds) and provides a temperature difference (between inside and outside the dwelling) of 24.2°C.

The table below provides estimates for dwelling design heat losses (in kW) for typical UK house types. The table values were determined via SAP assessment using English Housing Survey data, then rounded. Actual heat loss for a given dwelling should always be sought. For the purpose of efficiency estimates provided by this website, this loss should be calculated in accordance with the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP), which is the UK's National Calculation Methodology for energy rating of dwellings. The heat transfer coefficient (W/K) - SAP Box (39) - for a given dwelling must be multiplied by 24.2°C to obtain a heat loss value.



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