• The Green Guide Calculator

    The Green Guide Calculator

    Online Bespoke Specification Tool for BREEAM Assessors

    BRE Global have created the Green Guide Calculator to enable BREEAM and CSH assessors to quickly and efficiently generate Green Guide ratings for a significant proportion of specifications not listed in the Green Guide Online.

    The Green Guide Calculator database is based on the components currently used to create specifications within the Green Guide Online. These components can be selected and combined to generate instant Green Guide ratings for a multitude of different specifications. Periodically BRE Global will add new components to the database, as and when they become available. If a required component is not present, assessors should submit their model as a Bespoke Green Guide Query from within the tool. BRE Global will calculate the rating and confirm the result to the assessor.

    We trust you will find the Green Guide Calculator a useful and time saving tool.

    Please note that the Green Guide Calculator is not yet available for public use.  This version is subject to change.

    To access the Green Guide Calculator, you must be a licensed BREEAM/EcoHomes/Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor.  Use your BREEAM Extranet login details to continue.

    December 2012:Functionality for Bespoke Green Guide Queries (Formerly the Proformas process), plus reporting of the KG Carbon for each specification.  Please read the guidance document for details.

    For further information on how to use this tool: download our Guidance Document PN284 (January 2015)

    The available components have been re-categorised for ease of use - a new searchable list is available to download: PN285 Available Components List (January 2015)

    Read our Green Guide Calculator FAQ.


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    © BRE Global Ltd 2009. The results given by this Green Guide Calculator are for use in BRE Global BREEAM, EcoHomes and Code for Sustainable Homes schemes only. The value given is directly related to the data entered by the user. It is therefore very important that the user enters the correct data. BRE Global is not responsible for incorrect results due to input error nor can BRE Global guarantee that the values when submitted in the BREEAM/CSH/ Ecohomes assessment report will result in a particular rating as these are subject to a separate quality assurance process.

    Green Guide Assessment does not imply that BRE Global have assessed the technical performance of this specification.

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