• How to use this site

    How to use this site

    Green Guide online provides designers and specifiers with easy-to-use guidance on how to make the best environmental choices when selecting construction materials and components. 

    In the Green Guide online, building materials and components are assessed in terms of their environmental impact across their entire life cycle - from ‘cradle to grave', within comparable specifications. This accessible and reliable information will be of great assistance to all those involved in the design, construction and management of buildings as they work to reduce the environmental impact of their properties.

    The specifications shown throughout the Green Guide should not, however be used as a basis for on-site construction. They are of generic nature only and are used to illustrate a range of typical materials. Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information given here is accurate, our knowledge and understanding continues to evolve. The Green Guide ratings shown here represent our best efforts to provide objective, helpful guidance to enable the specifier to make more informed choices based on the data and methodologies available at this present time.

    The Green Guide online has been developed alongside the published version.

    The following pages describe how the information is arranged within this site.

    Copyright: All information in the Green Guide to Specification online is copyright BRE Global Ltd. No user of the Green Guide has the right to publish information in any form, from the Green Guide online. The website content remains copyright of BRE Global Ltd and any third party publication must first obtain the written permission of BRE Global Ltd.

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