• Approved Certifiers of Design (ACD) glossary of terms

    Approved Certifiers of Design (ACD) glossary of terms

    Act:   Building (Scotland) Act 2003 that created the Building Standards System in Scotland.

    Applicant: The applicant for a building warrant is usually a building owner or a developer. The applicant must demonstrate the compliance of their proposals with the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 as amended and they may choose to do so by submitting certificates by Approved Certifiers of Design (Building Structures) in support of their application for building warrant. (Note that an applicant may use an agent to make an application).

    Approved Body:  A firm, public body, or other organisation that is a member of the Scheme

    Building Standards Division (BSD): the Scottish Government department responsible for the Building Standards System

    Building Regulations: Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 as amended

    Certificate: A certificate of design issued by an Approved Certifier of Design

    Certifier: An Approved Certifier of Design who is a member of the scheme and is able to certify the compliance of energy design to Section 6

    Certification Coordinator: A person employed by an Approved Body who countersigns Certificates

    Certification Register: The register of Approved Certifiers of Design, Approved Certifiers of Construction, Approved Bodies and Schemes maintained by the Building Standards Division (BSD) on behalf of the Scottish Ministers

    Energy Design: The design of a building that involves the thermal performance of the building fabric, fuel and power consumption for heating, cooling and lighting

    Firm: A company, partnership, contractor, or sole practitioner, who join as the schemes as Approved Bodies

    SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure): The standard for the software that supports the national calculation methodology for domestic buildings

    SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model): A tool that supports the national calculation methodology for non-domestic buildings (iSBEM is the interface software). Click here for more information.

    Scheme: Scheme for the Certification of Design (Section 6 Energy - Non-Domestic and Domestic)

    Scheme Provider: An organisation that operates one or more schemes to certify compliance with the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 for specified aspects of a project. The BSD criteria for approval of scheme providers include evidence of status, expertise in relevant aspects of design or construction, capacity to operate schemes, financial probity, and appropriate disciplinary procedures.

    Sole practitioner: A practice that has no employees other that the principle professional and who is not an employee of any other type of firm.

    Verifier: Body appointed by Scottish Ministers to oversee the administration of the building warrant process. For the foreseeable future, these bodies will be Scottish Local Authorities


    See also the Glossary in the Building Standards Division (BSD) Certification Handbook.

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