• Approved Certifiers of Design joining instructions

    Approved Certifiers of Design joining instructions

    Approved Certifiers of Design joining instructions

    Certification Schemes for Approved Certifiers of Design Section 6 (Energy) for Scotland

    Approved Certifiers of Design are qualified individuals allowed to certify the energy design of buildings in Scotland, and to issue certificates in support of applications to local authorities for Building Warrants and amendments to Warrants.

    Individuals wishing to register as Approved Certifiers of Design (Section 6 - Energy) for Non Domestic or Domestic Buildings need (as a minimum), to be suitably qualified in the energy design of buildings. Training courses that covers all of Section 6 of the Building Regulations need to be undertaken by applicants. Individuals, who are already qualified in energy design, may be exempt from some elements of the training.

    Please consult the Scheme before booking onto training. Candidates are not guaranteed an award of membership even if they successfully complete the training and exam requirements. It is important to gain guidance that the course programme is suitable for your requirements.  All applicants need to demonstrate competency by passing an examination.

    Annual membership fees apply for membership of the ACD Schemes. 

    Registration of an individual is for a 3 year period initially.  Thereafter, individuals may be re-registered, providing they have met all scheme requirements as set out in the relevant Scheme Document. After successful audit and re-registration on the Scheme will be confirmed for a further 3 year period.

    BRE reserves the right to share details with other Certification Schemes over members who have been removed from such Schemes or have acted counter to the Schemes Code of Conduct.

    Improving your route to becoming an Approved Certifier of Design

    BRE has successfully been running Approved Certifiers of Design Schemes for Energy (Section 6) services for numerous Scottish construction professionals. Please contact the Scheme to find out how to be part of this increasingly important activity.

    Approved Certifiers of Design can sign off compliance of building design with the requirements of Section 6 Energy, thus saving their clients time and money in the building warrant process.


    Domestic Part 1 - SAP training  (2 day course)

    Non-domestic Part 1 - SBEM training (2 day course) - alternative course in Dynamic Simulation Modelling are also available

    Domestic and Non-Domestic Part 2 - Certification practice and responsibilities (1 day course)

    Domestic and Non-Domestic Part 3 - a three part examination of competence (1 day)

    The following process explains what is required for the application, training and examination process, to make it easier and quicker for you to join the scheme. 


    Step 1         

    Read all information on the Scheme here. Download the application form and the code of conduct form for an Approved Certifier of Design, and your firm as an Approved Body (unless you are a sole practitioner).

    Step 2

    BRE will advise you on details of suitable training and signpost you to the booking process.

    BRE will confirm details of where the exam will be offered and invoice you at least seven days in advance of the examination. Candidates who cannot confirm payment of exam & training fees will not be accepted in to an Exam session.

    BRE will advise candidate of any other application requirements.

    Step 3

    Candidate will undertake training prior to examination. *

    Candidate will undertake examination on date booked.

    Step 4

    BRE will advise client of result of examination and application process.  Successful candidates will be accepted onto the scheme.  In some cases exam resits may be required.

    BRE will invoice client for annual membership fees for Approved Certifiers and the Approved Bodies or Sole Practitioners).

    N.B. Membership is offered on the basis of an annual fee, no refund of part used membership is available or reduced term offered.

    BRE will place candidates' details on the Scottish Government's Certification Register

    Step 5

    Candidate, if successful, can offer Section 6 Certification of Design Services to clients.

    Please read the Scheme Documents and Guide before making an application, download from the Joining Information page.


    * Training dates and locations may change at short notice.

    Please contact the BRE Academy to confirm details before booking accommodation or transport.

    If you have a dispute, please contact the Head of Certification

    The Head of Certification
    ACD Scheme
    BRE Global
    Red Tree Magenta
    Red Tree Business Centre
    270 Glasgow Road
    G73 1UZ

    Tel. 0141 4474999


    If you have a complaint, please write with details to the Scheme Director:

    The Scheme Director
    ACD Scheme
    BRE Global
    Red Tree Magenta
    Red Tree Business Centre
    270 Glasgow Road
    G73 1UZ

    For more information

    E: Approved Certifiers of Design
    T: +44 (0)141 4474999
    or via one of our local offices