• About the Certified Thermal Details and Products Scheme

    About the Certified Thermal Details and Products Scheme

    The Certified Thermal Details and Products scheme and database allows users to search a wide range of accurate and independently assessed thermal junction details, products and elements, ensuring accuracy, consistency, credibility and quality throughout the design and specification process.

    This scheme provides ongoing independent, third party assessment and certification of the ‘as designed’ thermal performance of:

    • Building junction details (e.g. SAP Table K1 + some bespoke detail types)
    • Opening products (e.g. windows, doors and rooflights)
    • Major (plane) building elements (e.g. wall, roof and floor products)

    This ensures that the performance, marking and classification requirements of the appropriate standards are met and maintained.

    The thermal performance values that can be reported upon within the scheme are:

    •  For junctions - ψ-value (W/mK) and temperature factor, f
    •  For plane building elements or products - U-value (W/m2K)

    BRE’s position as impartial and knowledgeable experts in the assessment and certification of details and products can provide guidance and robust performance data for an area of the industry which often allows for ‘self-assessment’ with no formal training or certification scheme in place.

     The thermal performance values are calculated in compliance with, but not limited to:

    • BR 497 - Conventions for Calculating Linear Thermal Transmittance and Temperature Factors, BRE
    • BR 443 - Conventions for U-values, BRE
    • BS EN ISO 6946 - Building components and building elements. Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance - Calculation methods
    • BS EN ISO 13370 - Thermal performance of buildings. Heat transfer via the ground - Calculation methods
    • BS EN ISO 10077 (parts 1 and 2) - Thermal performance of windows, doors and shutters - Calculation of thermal transmittance Numerical method for frames


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