• How to get certified and listed

    How to get certified and listed

    To apply for product certification write to the Certified Thermal Details and Products scheme technical manager, with details of your product or complete and return the below application form and a quotation will be prepared.




    Download Scheme application form here.

    Download Scheme Document here.


    Certification is valid for three years, and an annual Scheme administration fee will be charged per product. Outline fees are detailed within the fee schedule page.

    A certificate is awarded following satisfactory completion of the above assessment programme.

    Certificates are valid for three years subject to:

    • Satisfactory results from the product audit testing
    • ISO 9001 certification, OR an alternative accredited certification body (to the appropriate scope)*

    The product certificate will include the following information:

    • Name and address of the certification body
    • Name and address of the manufacturer
    • Identification of the product
    • Date of issue of certificate;
    • Signature and title of authorised officer.
    • Thermal performance of detail, product or element

    *Note: To maintain BRE Global Ltd product certification and listing, Companies must as a minimum, maintain a current accredited certificate to ISO 9001 scope in order to ensure quality management and consistency of product.

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