• Benefits of being listed

    Benefits of being listed



    BRE Global provides independent, third-party certification of fire, security and environmental products and services. BRE Global is a UKAS accredited certification body No. 0007.

    Third-party certification distinguishes products and services from their competitors, and gives customers confidence about the thermal performance of their products. Certification is independent confirmation by an expert third party that a product, system or service meets, and continues to meet, appropriate standards. 

    Suppliers can demonstrate to customers that their products and services meet the appropriate standards. This can enable companies to access and sell into new markets. 

    Purchasers can trust third-party certified products and services to meet set standards, and therefore avoid costly mistakes and reduce risk. 


    The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is the methodology used by the Government to assess and compare the energy and environmental performance of dwellings. Its purpose is to provide accurate and reliable assessments of dwelling energy performances that are needed to underpin energy and environmental policy initiatives. 

    The scheme database will be accessible in SAP 2016 software to enable users to utilise certified details within these assessments, which will enable assessors to more accurately assess the performance of the building, and can help to lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and increase occupant health through a healthy internal environment.

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